aفẺ   Grass Roots House Peace Museum

Grass Roots House is a private peace museum focusing on issues related to peace, education, and the environment. It is located in Kochi City, Japan. One of the functions of the mseum is to pass on an awareness of the reality of war and the value of peace to the next generation. Pertinent artifacts and materials are collected, classified, and exhibited in order to accomplish this. The museum also produces materials on peace education and distributes them to a wide audience. It is said that "Nature is the best model for peace;" at Grass Roots House, we try to learn from nature and create lifestyles which harmonize with it.

The first floor of the mseum contains a small hall with a piano, microphone, video equipment, and a kitchen. It has a capacity of 50 people and is used for various events including conferences, concerts, films, exhibitions, study meetings, and theatrical performances.

A Song of Dawn

Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan says,
     We won't fight any more.
     We won't own weapons any more.
It was born in a moment of world history.
It is a song of dawn.
It is a spirit which goes out of Japan.

~ poem by Shigeo Nishimori, founder of Grass Roots House