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Grass Roots House Publications

To order books from Grass Roots House, please direct inquiries by phone to (088) 875-1275, fax to (821)-0586, or email GRH@ma1.seikyou.ne.jp

English Language Publications

To date, Grass Roots House has published one booklet in English: The Flame of Hiroshima and Article 9. The book contains Yuuko Yamaguchi's children's story "The Flame of Hiroshima" with black and white illustrations, a complete English translation of the Japanese consitution, and Article 9 translated into twelve languages.

The Flame of Hiroshima and Article 9 is sold for 1,000 yen (approximately 10 Canadian or US dollars, 5 pounds, or 6 euros). The book's actual cost is 500 yen; when a copy is purchased for 1,000 yen, Grass Roots House sends a second copy of the book to another country.

The Flame of Hiroshima and Article 9 is also sold in peace museums around the world.

Japanese Publications

If you are interested in Grass Roots House's Japanese publications, please click here to see a complete list.