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text by chiyu

What is Web-Hanglin-pack

Web-Hanglin-pack is a Javascript package for input Hangul on Web page.
ZIP archive file: hglin-p.zip
Original Web-Hanglin was made by Mr. Jeanluca (http://jeanluca.cool.ne.jp/), and chiyu ( http://ha1.seikyou.ne.jp/home/akairingosaita/hangul/) modified it by adding some features.


  1. By using Web-Hanglin-pack, you can input Hangul characters with mouse.
  2. It is written by DynamicHTML(JavaScript), so you can easily use it on your web pages. (It's OK for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape 6.) (Netscape 4 is not supported.)

Hangul output area:

open another window for Web-Hanglin-pack
look up the on-line Korean-English dictionary in Lycos Korea


  1. First of all, Mr. Jeanluca released original "Hanglin", which is a Windows application and shareware. (November 2001)
  2. Next, Mr. Jeanluca released "Web-Hanglin", which is a simple version of "Hanglin". "Web-Hanglin" is used on "Gogaku no Syuugyou"(study foreign languages) corner in his Homepage. (December 2001)
  3. And next, I(chiyu) arranged Web-Hanglin for packaging, so as to set it easily on one's homepages.(January 2002)


You may freely use the Web-Hanglin-pack provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. You must link to the page for "Hanglin", a Windows shareware for inputting hanguls: http://www02.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/ra2/imaijean/HanIntro.htm , or http://jeanluca.cool.ne.jp/
  2. You must let us know the URL of your web-page on which you set Web-Hanglin-pack: to chiyu( chiyu@sings.jp), or to Jeanluca.
  3. You may not allowed to use Web-Hanglin-pack for profit-making or hysteric opinion. Whenever we(Jeanluca or chiyu) can stop you use Web-Hanglin-pack.

How to Use

You have to put hglin-p.css and hglin-p.js in the same directory as your html file is.

In your html file, you have to put these lines properly:
First, in the header part (between <head> and </head>) you put these lines:
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET TYPE="text/css" HREF="hglin-p.css">
<script language="JavaScript" SRC="hglin-p.js">

Next, you put these lines to display Web-Hanglin-pack panel:
<script language="JavaScript">
(where the argument of the function "set_hanglin" means a textarea name or input form name.) (The argument must be enclosed by double quotation marks.)

For example, if you put a form as
<FORM name="myform">
<INPUT size="20" type="text" name="mytext">
then the argument of set_hanglin is '"document.myform.mytext"'.

If you use

in place of
, you can use some extended features:
  1. Display hanguls in DIV tag, as well as in textarea. Convenient when hanguls in textarea are garble.
  2. Convert hanguls to Unicode numbers(Numerical Character Reference Entities). In some BBS, it may be usefull to use these Unicode numbers.



November 23, 2001
Chiyu made a pseudo-Hanglin using DynamicHTML(for IE5).
December 1, 2001
Mr. Jeanluca made the Web-Hanglin.
December 12, 2001
Chiyu made Web-Hanglin-pack ver 0.1, by modifing the original Web-Hanglin.
December 18, 2001
Web-Hanglin-pack ver 0.2
January 6, 2002
ver 0.3 (add "about Web-Hanglin-pack" link 2002.2.14)
February 28, 2002
ver 0.33 (correct a bug on Mozilla around onmouseover event)
October 21, 2002
ver 0.34 (change what Lycos dictionary option to use, change Copyright link to open new window.)
May 13, 2003
ver 0.4 (display hanguls in div tags, update Lycos dictionary URL.)
May 14, 2003
ver 0.41 (modified Lycos-dictionary-searching-page.)
Dec 6, 2003
ver 0.411 (bug fix at lycos-koreng-main.htm)
Jan 20, 2005
ver 0.412 (in hglinja.htm, correct the sentence for <a href="javascript:open_hanglin()">, so that it is clear to be pop-up-window).

You can contact with me(chiyu) via E-mail at chiyu@sings.jp , and my(chiyu) web-site is http://ha1.seikyou.ne.jp/home/akairingosaita/hangul/ .